Sunday, March 9, 2014

A New Beginning

Me & C

        I took a break from my blog to catch my breath and think. Its been bothering me that I felt a disconnect between what I felt I should be writing and what I felt called to write. I really needed a break after the push of the huge project over the summer and then the combination of really big press and the Christmas rush....... honestly, I was feeling like I didn't want to have a blog or that this one needed a complete overhaul. Its weird and hard to explain, it just felt like a burden, and I needed to step away.
      So here we are. I have been digging around in my brain, trying to come up with some grand concept, a reinvention, a new direction, a new name, etc, etc..... What I have come up with is this. I will be reposting everything I feel is truly authentic and relevant to the journey I am on now. When we started getting ready to become parents, my life really started to change, and it really is now in a constant state of transformation. I can honestly say that I have changed almost every aspect of my life, and those are the things that I am called to write about now. Cooking nutritious food, running a household as a business owning mom, running an art studio with my husband and with the baby in tow, finding out who I am again, how I keep it all straight in my head, natural parenting, baby wearing, my lack of a social life, my reliance on Pinterest for EVERYTHING.......
    So, from this moment on, what you can expect is a look into my most authentic self, as a mom, wife, artist,  passionate home cook, and business owner.
    Cheers to spring time, and a fresh start.

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  1. Heather - I just wanted you to know that your hard work isn't going un-noticed and I have been in your shoes/can appreciate where you are in your journey as a Momma and an artist. We live over in Greensboro and visit Asheville once a year...I enjoy going into your booth at the Woolworth store. It is such a refreshing collection of truly unique pieces and I'd buy up an entire wall, if I could only afford to!!! I took one of your cards this last time, as I wanted to remember how to reach you and logged onto your website this a.m. and found myself here. {{smile}}. LOVE your creativity...hang in there. It WILL get easier, then harder, and easier....the usual ups and downs of what life delivers.